iPad FingerLabs DM1 2.0 update live now

One of most powerful looking beat machines you can get for your iPad or iPad 2 is none other than the FingerLabs DM1 Drum Machine – and today it's updated to its full level of software power. With the iPad you can do just about anything in the beat creation world, including making a beat fantasy with your fingertips – and the DM1 is about to make that a whole lot simpler for you. Inside there's 64 electronic drum kits. 18 classic vintage drum kits , 20 Acoustic kits, and a total of 26 in-house produced electronic kits, all the sounds you'll need to make the most intense gallery of sound you've ever conjured up.

This 2.0 update will bring you several new features you've perhaps been waiting since the inception of this application to try. Though the original version had the ability to create music, sure, it lacked such amazing features as AudioCopy, the ability to reverse a sound clip, and MINI-in. Well what do you know, this update has those features and a whole heck of a lot more, too!

• The Randomizer and The Automation Panel will be bringing you in on a whole new set of creative tools like step by step randomization and much more precise control than ever over your Mixer parameters.

• 16 and 32 Steps per patterns as well as 24 new Drum Kits for the grand total of 64.

• WIST sync technology made by KORG to tie two iPads together, and reversed sounds to flip you on your head.

• AudioCopy on exporting, Colored song patters, and a whole new set of help screens with tips and tricks galore.

• MIDI In. Enough said.

Have a peek at a demonstration of what this update will bring to your beat lab, and pick the app up right this second from the iTunes App Store for a cool $5.99 – or if you've got DM1 already, the update is absolutely and totally free!