iPad Dominates Android Tablets In Enterprise Settings

I don't think any of us are surprised in the least by the fact that the iPad is stomping the Android tablets in the enterprise realm. The iPad is stomping all tablet comers in every realm right now. Android is mounting a push to compete against the iPad more though and the lower priced tablets expected from Amazon expected before long.

The latest report from Good Technology shows that the iPad is really putting a beating on Android tablets in the enterprise market. According to the recent survey from Good Technology 95% of the tablets in the enterprise setting are the iPad. Good also reports that the number of Android tablet activations dropped 3.1% during its last quarter.

Good attributes the big disparity between iPad and Android tablets to the fact that many of the big enterprises have their workers bring their own devices. Most people buy the iPad so there would be more iPads in the enterprise market.

[via AllThingsD]