iPad clone wraps Android in Apple UI

We've seen iPad-esque tablets coming out of China before now, but this one doesn't stop at form-factor or touchscreen: it even dresses up Android in an iPad skin.  Shanzhai don't know the specific manufacturer who made this particular homage, but apparently it runs a 600MHz ARM SoC chipset with a 10-inch touchscreen.

That's dressed up in an iPad inspired casing, and if it wasn't for the fact that the display ratio isn't the same as the Apple slate's 4:3 aspect panel, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.  In fact, the longer display will make for better widescreen video viewing, ironically.

Shanzhai reckon the fake iPad will arrive for the equivalent of around $150, which sounds a little on the low side to us (at least given the size of the display).  Frankly, we'd take Android on a tablet this size and you could keep the iPad skin.