iPad and iPad 2 card reader does CF and SD cards

If you are a photographer that has an iPad, you probably have one of the card readers that allows you to plug your SD card into your iPad. If you use a DSLR that is more aimed at the pro shooter, your camera might use CF cards instead of SD cards. There are several SD card readers for the iPad, but not CF users have been pretty much out of luck.

A new card reader that will work with the iPad and the iPad 2 has surfaced called the 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit. You can use the adapter to transfer the images from your digital camera to the iPad as well. The adapter is a bit larger than the official Apple Camera Connection Kit, but it does have a USB port.

The adapter will support all UDMA and non-UDMA CF cards and offers write speeds of up to 133MB/s. You can buy the adapter at MIC Gadget for $29.90 right now. You can see it in action in the video below.