iPad Air Display gets Retina upgrade

This week the folks at Avatron have updated their popular "Air Display" app for iPad to include Retina-quality graphics for the 3rd Generation iPad. This upgrade will bring you up to full speed with your second monitor via your new iPad and will now have you working with full support for the graphics you payed for in the first place! This upgrade is free and can be found in the iTunes app store right this second – supposing you already own the Air Display app, of course.

This upgrade to Air Display is version 1.6.1 and also brings Retina resolution to both Windows and Mac. The bump up to 1.6.1 also brings you "much faster initial connections" for your Mac and improves your frame rate and latency for both Windows and Mac significantly, so says Avatron. Several bug fixes are also in the mix including cosmetic issues, a fix for the first frame (sometimes not drawn correctly before this upgrade) and virtual keystrokes will no longer generate double-key events on your new iPad.

NOTE: This upgrade adds to the already announced 1.6.0 upgrade which had a Retina upgrade in part – this upgrade makes the whole show live.

Have a peek at our history with Air Display below and go grab the app for yourself from Avatron's download section right this minute. They've got everything between displays, and not just between your Mac and iPad. Have a blast with Windows machines galore and make sure you're on-board with their latest upgrades for all apps so your running in full HD all the way. This application is part of a suite which also includes Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Dictate as well – gotta catch em all!