iPad Air adoption rate is five times higher than the iPad 4

Some numbers are in for the first weekend of iPad Air sales from Fiksu. The numbers show that the iPad Air has been adopted in significantly higher numbers than the iPad 4 when it launched last year. According to the numbers, the iPad Air has about five times the adoption rate of the iPad 4 over its first weekend of availability.

Fiksu also notes that the iPad Air had just under four times the adoption rate of the iPad mini. The company says that three days after the iPad Air was available, it was in use by 0.88% of consumers using apps produced by Fiksu clients. By comparison, after the same three-day period the iPad 4 was only in use by 0.15% of people using its client applications.

The iPad mini was in use by only 0.22% over the same three-day period after it launched. Another company called Mixpanel reported that the iPad Air generated 1.5% of all iPad traffic to its client applications as of Monday. The version of the iPad that saw the biggest reductions in use are the iPad 2 and the original iPad.

Those numbers indicate that Apple has lured in upgraders to the iPad Air from earlier iPad tablet models. Apple hasn't offered up any indication of number of units sold during iPad air launch weekend. We know that the iPad 4 and the iPad mini sold a combined 3 million devices last year when they launched. Check out our hands-on with the iPad Air and our iPad Air review for more details on Apple's latest tablet.

SOURCE: Techcrunch