iPad Air 3rd gen blank screen issue prompts free Service Program

Apple is both famous and infamous for its meticulous attention to detail but even some fans have accused the company of losing its touch lately. It isn't just with the design of new products or buggy software but there have also been times when hardware quality and durability have been put into question, like the notorious MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard switches. The latest to join that hall of shame seems to be last year's iPad Air, which now has its own free Service Program to address rising complaints about suddenly blank screens.

Unsurprisingly, Apple didn't provide any details about the issue, especially what caused it, and claims that only a limited number of 2019 3rd gen iPad Air tablets were affected. Those "few" owners have been complaining about their iPads suddenly going permanently blank without any reason whatsoever. Sometimes it may even flicker before going dead, something that Apple did confirm.

Given that behavior and the fact that the fix requires taking in the iPad Air for repairs suggests that it might be a manufacturing defect. Software-based problems are more easily fixed with software updates, though it might not be possible to do so if the screen is dead anyway. Past apple products have also fallen victim to such manufacturing defects, like the iPhone 7's "Touch Disease" that was blamed on poorly soldered components.

Regardless, Apple is now offering free repairs of affected 3rd generation iPad Airs that were manufactured between March and October 2019. The program is available worldwide and will last cover such iPads up to 2 years after their first retail sale.

Apple notes that the usual caveats also apply. For one, it doesn't extend the standard warranty of the device. Furthermore, any iPad Air that has other damages may need to get those fixed first, which may cost owners even if the Blank Screen fix is free.