iPad 3G SMS hack gets video demo

Scissors, a new 3G iPad and a little hacking are apparently all you'll really need to start sending SMS text messages from the new version of Apple's tablet.  Thanks to some work by the iPhoneDevTeam's MuscleNerd, producing a basic SMS app for the iPad, it looks like you'll soon be able to use a modified T-Mobile USA or AT&T SIM (other than the one which came with the 3G iPad) to send text messages.

With a T-Mobile USA SIM you'll only see EDGE data speeds, but that of course won't stop you from text messaging.  AT&T seem to lock out SMS functionality from the microSIMs that are preloaded into the iPad WiFi + 3G, but a regular AT&T SIM chopped up sufficiently to fit into the microSIM slot works just fine.

[via Everything iPad]