iPad 3G Available Through AT&T Online Store in Time for Christmas

Apple opens up the doors for the iPad to be sold in other retailers every so often. We've seen it made available in Sam's Clubs across the nation, and even within Target stores. And don't forget about the fact you can pick an iPad up at a Verizon location near you, too. But, despite the fact the iPad launched with AT&T in tow, the 3G-enabled device hasn't been made available through the wireless carrier's online store. Until now.

The iPad 3G is now officially available for all of those who would like to get their tablet device through AT&T. However, despite making it just in time for any last minute shoppers out there, don't expect to find any deals, or special pricing. The 16GB iPad 3G is still going for $629, while the 32GB and 64GB versions will cost you $729 and $829 respectively. You'll have to go through the AT&T data portal on your new 3G iPad to make sure that you get all your Internet browsing, and application downloads covered.

[via 9to5 Mac]