iPad 2 Wrapsol Giveaway [11 Prizes!]

Behold a big huge contest for all of you that just purchased their brand new iPad 2! We want to give you nothing less than total protection for your newest technological investment, and we've got Wrapsol Ultra and Clean screen protectors on our side. In fact, we've got 11 sets to give away! We want to get them out to you for free, totally free, not even a little bit of shipping cost, and all we want you to do is "like" us a little bit, and tweet us a little bit. So simple, so easy!

Wrapsol Ultra screen protector film is a wrap that you apply to your iPad 2 to make a durable, scratch resistant armor that, as Steve Jobs himself would be happy to hear, doesn't compromise the design integrity of the product in any way. This tablet is utterly lovely, don't cover it up with a big fat ol' piece of plastic. Cover it up with an invisible, teeny tiny layer of plastic instead! Wrapsol wraps are made of an advanced high strength polyurethane that's applied with a totally dry process that actively releases bubbles for a perfect one-shot every time.

Each package comes with a custom-cut film (screen-only), microfiber towelette, squeegee, and instructions. Now I suppose you might perhaps want to know how you're going to get your hands on one of these? All you've got to do is the following:


1. Follow our Twitter.

2. Tweet a picture of yourself holding your new iPad 2 with [the official SlashGear for iPad app] downloaded and open on the screen.* This tweet must include the following: @slashgear #wrapupmyipad2 http://tinyurl.com/4jh34n6 and a link to the photo (using something like http://twitpic.com/.)

3. Contest begins March 17, 2011, at the moment this post is published, and ends at 11AM on Monday the 21st of March, 2011.

*This will act as a time stamp, so many sure your screen is tilted so noone can photoshop your screen away from you! Furthermore, the photo must literally show at least your hand holding the tablet, if not your whole person looking happy and excited into the camera.

BONUS: Our favorite photo, having filled all requirements and been submitted before the end of the contest, will win one of the 11 Wrapsol Ultra screen protectors without having to go in the hat!

We will pick winners at random once the contest is over at 12 NOON Pacific Time, Tuesday the 15th of March, 2011, and announce winners later that day. One winner per household, one person may only win once, winner may not be employed by or in the family of a person employed by R3 media, and we hold the right to disallow ANYONE from winning for whatever reason we deem necessary. You may take and submit as many photos as you like, but only one will be considered for the drawing. U.S. citizens only. This contest begins INSTANTLY! Start taking those photos!

UPDATE: take a look at these two fabulous contestants – they're doin it right!

UPDATE 2: Winners have been notified via Message on Twitter!