iPad 2 StealthArmor St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

Oh so you'd like the back of your iPad 2 covered as well, do you? Well what do you know, we've got one heck of another contest for you (the first being a Wrapsol giveaway,) that's directly in collaboration with StealthArmor, a group that makes no less than super strong back skins for your iPad 2, your iPhone 4, and heck, a whole bunch o' other items. What you'll be able to win here is YOUR CHOICE of a lovely green St. Patrick's Day back for your iPad, iPad 2, or iPhone device!

All you've got to do to win a lovely skin from StealthArmor is the following, and make sure to follow all the rules!


1. Follow our Twitter.

2. Tweet a picture of yourself holding up your iPhone, iPad, or iPad 2 with [the official SlashGear app] downloaded and open on the screen.* This tweet must include the following: @slashgear #armormyidevice http://tinyurl.com/winaskin3 and a link to the photo (using something like http://twitpic.com/.)

3. Contest begins March 17, 2011, at the moment this post is published, and ends at 11AM CST on Monday the 21st of March, 2011.

*This will act as a time stamp, so many sure your screen is tilted so noone can photoshop your screen away from you! Furthermore, the photo must literally show at least your hand holding the device, if not your whole person looking happy and excited into the camera.

We will pick winners at random once the contest is over at 12 NOON Pacific Time, Tuesday the 15th of March, 2011, and announce winners later that day. One winner per household, one person may only win once, winner may not be employed by or in the family of a person employed by R3 media, and we hold the right to disallow ANYONE from winning for whatever reason we deem necessary. You may take and submit as many photos as you like, but only one will be considered for the drawing. U.S. citizens only. This contest begins INSTANTLY! Start taking those photos!

UPDATE: Winners have been notified via Message on Twitter!