iPad 2 Possibly Revealed Next Week?

Sources have been quoted saying that Apple's iPad 2 could possibly make its appearance next week at a special event Apple is having for the iOS 4.3. There has been massive speculation about the original iPad's successor for quite some time and sources are predicting a target release date between April 2nd-9th.

Obviously, nothing is for sure right now but the iPad 2 is purportedly going to be based on the Apple A5 processor, replacing the current Apple 4 processor. The rumored speaker grill on the back will be there and a MiniDisplay port in lieu of a micro USB port. The overall look of the iPad 2 will lean more to its sibling the iPod Touch 4G.

The event is for iOS 4.3 developers and the upcoming iteration of the iOS platform. The iPad 2 is undoubtedly the leader in the tablet market right now and many have expected Apple's refresh of the device to be soon. After the original iPad was the "it" gift of the holiday season, Apple could be positioning itself to make the iPad 2 the hot item to have for the summer.

[Via MacNotes]