iPad 2 jailbreak discovered

Apple's iPad 2 only went on sale this past Friday, but already the second-generation iOS tablet has been jailbroken. The handiwork of notorious Apple hacker comex, the jailbreak – which will allow third-party apps to be installed on the iPad 2, along with other modifications – has not yet been released publicly.

Most impressive, perhaps, is the fact that comex fashioned the jailbreak without even having physical access to an iPad 2. The hack could have been completed even earlier, he claims, had he not had to spend time discovering a new exploit in iOS 4.3.

As for the release, comex says he will launch a public version of the iPad 2 jailbreak when it's polished enough for a broader audience. Once that happens, owners will be able to install the Cydia unofficial app store on the slate.

[via Redmond Pie]