iPad 2 G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case 60-Foot Drop [VIDEO]

It's always a joy to speak about electronics and gadgets, especially when they're such high quality, awesome products like the iPad. Then again, it's also fun to see these devices getting utterly massacred at the hands of those that aim to protect them! Thusly we're sort of in love with the folks at G-Form who today are dropping some iPads from 60 feed up in the sky. They've got their own case surrounding an iPad 2 and their competitor's case surrounding a different iPad. Can you guess which one survives?

This isn't the first extreme video G-Form has offered the world in order to gain some viral attention, and we're pretty sure it's not he last. If you're in to the idea of keeping your iPad safe from basically any kind of punishment, especially dropping it off a tower, G-Form's Extreme Portfolio Case appears very much to be the solution for you. This case uses a portfolio-style case employing Reactive Protection Technology or RPT to keep your device safe. Reinforced with polycarbonate and bumped up with RPT corners for ultimate protection against evil of all sorts.

This particular model has an adjustable easel stand, an inside pocket for documents, and a reversible zipper that's able to convert the case to a doubly-protective tablet format. This case also, it's important to mention, isn't specifically sized for the iPad only. It also fits tablets like the XOOM, and I bet if you plopped basically any other 10-inch tablet in there it'd fit fine as well. Reverse zip it! It's time for some double-base action!

AND of course it's time to watch some more extreme videos – it's that time again! First let's watch one with a MacBook Pro sleeve dropped out of a window, then lets head to another iPad case being dropped out of an airplane, and of course, there's a wild Japanese video where they figure out how to break some things inside the case – be forewarned, it's epic!