iPad 2 Case Shows Up on Website, Shows Opening for Camera

With all of the rumors going around, it's about time we start seeing some pictures. Especially if the second generation iPad is really launching in under 100 days. Right on schedule, then, is this new image of a supposed case for the iPad 2. Right off the bat, you'll notice that hole at the top-left of the case, where many believe the rear-facing camera would go. Just as we've seen on the iPhone 4, and latest generation of the iPod Touch.

There's been a few grumblings that Apple has been kicking around the idea of including not just one, front-facing camera, but also a camera on the back. With other tablet devices including a camera on the back, perhaps Apple believes that it's just a safe bet to give owners the option. Either way, this supposed crystal case for the second generation iPad obviously shows a spot where the camera would go. Does that mean Apple's next generation tablet device will have a camera? No. But if you're hoping it does, you may want to start wishing harder.

The case looks a bit more curved, too. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot more details on the case. Except that Shenzhen MacTop Electronics also says that the case will come in "other colors." So it looks like the off-white we see here won't be the only option. Anyone think this is the real deal?

[via MacStories]