iPad 2 Camera Not Popular Says Flickr

Appeasing complaints of not having a camera on the original iPad and trying to keep pace with rising competition, Apple slapped on both front-facing and back-facing cameras to their iPad 2s. But how many people actually use the iPad 2 for taking pictures?

That's the question the folks at ElectricPig were asking when they dug into Flickr's current daily average user stats. It turns out that of the 40 million Flickr users, only 22 of them use their iPad 2 cameras. That makes the iPad 2 about 200 times less popular than the iPhone 4, which is being used by 4,391 Flickr members.

However, of the 22 iPad 2 camera users, they've managed to upload 12,570 images altogether, which seems pretty impressive. The size of the device does make it less wieldy, but the disappointing camera quality may be another contributing factor to its lack of usage. If you tote around an iPad 2, how are you liking the camera?

[via ElectricPig]