iPad 2 Advertised at BestBuy, Walmart

As we suspected when the original iPad was pulled from Best Buy's inventory on Tuesday, the iPad 2 (and its nifty cover) will be available in the store on Friday, March 11. One would suspect then, that Best Buy will begin selling the iPad 2 at 5pm on March 11, just like at Apple Stores. The graphic below is what is shown on Best Buy's website.

Walmart also has the device listed, but it is "out of stock, coming soon". No date is posted, so it will probably take a bit longer for Walmart to get it. Amazon has not yet listed the iPad 2, even as a pre-order.

According to Apple Insider, Apple could be doing a much quicker expansion of distribution with the iPad 2, selling it soon after launch at Verizon, AT&T, and Target stores. It may even be available at place like Kohls and Bed Bath and Beyond, as NPD Vice President of Industry Analysis Stephen Baker said he believes that expanded distribution of the iPad 2 will help Apple find continued success with its touchscreen tablet in 2011.

[via Apple Insider]