IP Donor Card - Now All Your Ideas Can Be Donated, To The Public Domain

Due to the horrible state of affairs of the copyright laws, no one can use your IP (intellectual property) for 70 years after your death. That means if you've copyrighted or patented part of a good idea that you were working on, no one else can work on it for 70 years.

So, basically, by adding this tag to the back of your ID, or maybe just setting it up in your will with your lawyer, you can automatically donate all of your intellectual property to the public domain. There's no sense in you single-handedly stifling innovations just because you were so selfish you had to die, I mean think about everyone else for a second.

I have no idea whether this is actually legally binding, but I would assume it is. So, just get yourself some labels and print that label out, sign it, date it, and stick it to the back of your license, done.

[via MAKE]