IOTEK ezSECU Ez850 HDD Enclosure

That's right, what you see in the picture is in fact a touchscreen asking for your secret PIN of 7 digits. Sure, you could use encryption, or a fingerprint scanner, or any number of other biometric options, but for this one you actually have to be conscious.

And its an enclosure, which means you get to pick which 2.5" SATA HDD gets put inside. The upsides to that small of a drive means the enclosure should be near pocketable in size and there is the possibility that it could be powered over USB, but maybe not as it comes with a power brick and cord.

It uses USB 2.0 and is supported with Windows 2K and up and Mac OS 9.2 and up. No word on price or availability, I looked, I couldn't even see anything on the IOTEK site, but then again, its in Korean, and I don't read Korean, so I might have missed something.

ezSECU External Hard Drive Case With Touchscreen [via ohgizmo]