ioSafe Rugged Portable revealed, bulletproof protection for your data

If there's one thing you can expect from ioSafe as an external harddrive manufacturer, its hardcore physical protection for your data, and with this ioSafe Rugged Portable, you don't have to be in the comfort of your own home to get that bulletproof love. Though this one-pound wonder does not give you the same fire-proofing that its 18 pound bigger SoloPRO cousin offers, it's essentially battle proof in every other respect. You can connect with such universal options as USB 3.0 or a USB 2.0/Dual Firewire 800 combo, and the rig comes in 500GB or 1 TB 5400 RPM flavorings. And it's all one color silver aluminum to match your MacBooks, of course.

The silver colored enclosure is one single piece of billet-machined aluminum, and again, it's fully bulletproof. You can also dunk it in a bucket of water or toss it down a flight of stairs without damaging it, and should you want to crush it with a truck, you can, just so long as its under 5000 lbs. You can hold it under water for a while, too just so long as you're above 30 feet and inside 3 days. UV rays wont hurt this drive, blowing dust and sand, rain, salt fog, and both icing and freezing rain wont damage this drive so long as you bring it back to safety in under 24 hours.

You can drop hydraulic fluid, aircraft fuel, and diesel fuel, oils and a bunch of other chemicals on the drive, just so long as you stop dumping cups of the junk on it after an hour and dont put it in a vat of the stuff deeper than 12 feet. And if you plan on getting your data messed up through NORMAL means, you've got a built-in Kensington security slot and guaranteed "any reason" data recovery, this including if you accidentally deleted your hundreds of gigabytes of photos of cats without malicious intent, if you know what I mean.

This drive is being picked up by the US Navy because of its awesome protective capabilities, but they don't come cheap. We're talking about prices comparable to what this amount of space would have cost 5 years ago, namely US$299.99 with 12 months warranty/data recovery service for the 1 TB version, the 500 GB model ringing in at $199.99. You'll be able to pick one or the other up at the online Apple Store or the ioSafe online store directly right this moment. Oh and it comes in black as well, if you like.