iOS Hacker Bringing Swype To Jailbroken iPhones

It's unusual for someone that's gone Android to go back to iOS, but when it does happen, a sorely missed feature is the Swype keyboard. Swype lets you trace your finger from letter to letter without lifting off the screen to type your words. It's quicker and less straining to type this way, but the feature has yet to be available to iPhone users. Well, that may be about to change—at least for users of jailbroken iPhones—as one iOS hacker has just released a beta port of Swype.

The actual company, Swype, was rumored to be working on a version for the IOS last June, but those rumors quickly dissipated and no Swype keyboard function ever made it through to iPhone users. This new attempt is by hacker Andrew Liu, who is unaffiliated with the company. He just released the first build of his Swype porting project, which has been uploaded to Cydia.

However, this Swype for iOS will only work for jailbroken iPhones and a number of Swype behaviors are still missing. For instance, the blue line that is drawn from letter to letter as you trace has not been implemented yet. Also, the Swype-style keyboard only works in Apple's native apps such as messaging and notes.

[via MobileCrunch]