iOS 8; extensibility, Touch ID incoming

Nate Swanner - Sep 9, 2014, 12:47pm CDT
iOS 8; extensibility, Touch ID incoming

All the talk of iPhones — we almost lost sight of iOS 8! The new mobile OS for Apple devices is likely nearly complete, and Apple breezed through a quick talk on what it will be about. Though not a lot can be gleaned this late in the game, we’ve got more official word on what iOS 8 is.

There are some expected and discussed features already, with Touch ID becoming a big part of the mix from here on. As we saw with the “holy grail” of security, Touch Id is the most personally perfect use of protecting a device or information on a mobile device — ever. Look for it to make a big impact with iOS 8, as Developers have better access to the API that makes it go.

Part of that cohesion comes with extensibility. The new extensibility feature lets apps not only work independently of one another, but also interact with each other in new — and needed — ways. Think of the sharing features in Safari — they’re limited, but with extensibility, you can share to many more apps and services (like Pocket!).

We’ve got no official go-live date for iOS 8 yet, but look for it soon. The iPhone 6 will launch with it, and we are expecting it drop in ten days’ time. Available from September 12 for pre-order, the iPhone 6 should land with iOS 8 a week or so later.

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