iOS 8.4 revamps Apple's Music app, and the changes are "beautiful"

Apple has pushed out the iOS 8.4 beta update, and chief among its features is a revamped Music app, one that Apple touts as being "beautiful" and, of course, easier to use than the previous version without sacrificing functionality. The new Music app design is complemented by several new features that round out the user experience, including "streamlined" use of iTunes Radio, making it easier to go back to favorite stations and to choose from existing curated Featured offerings.

In addition to being able to more easily use iTunes Radio, iOS 8.4 beta's new Music app brings with it a new MiniPlayer, which lends the playback control and details on what is currently playing — all of which are now available while browsing through one's collection of music.

There are improvements to "Now Playing", such as a new design and the ability to trigger AirPlay streaming without moving away from "Now Playing". "Up Next", meanwhile, allows users to see what song is going to play next with a tab. Using this, the playlist can also be reordered if the next song in the pipeline isn't up to standards.

Rounding out the new Music app is "Global Search", which lets users search form anywhere within the app by tapping on the magnifying glass. Likewise, there's "Recently Added" for seeing both playlists and albums that have been added in the recent past at the top of the library.

SOURCE: 9to5Mac