iOS 7.1 addresses animations that cause motion sickness

It hasn't been that long since the last iOS update was launched by Apple. The update to iOS 7.1 brought with it a number of features and fixes. Among the new features was support for CarPlay and other tidbits. One of the things about the versions of iOS that some didn't like was the use of lots of animations.

In fact, some users felt sick thanks to the animations used in the OS. The blame for the ill feelings of some users was put at the feet of the many parallax effects, zooms, and slide animations that iOS used. The first attempts by Apple to help people that were feeling sick with all the transitions came in iOS 7.0.3 update giving people the option to select the Reduce Motion control setting in the accessibility menu.

Apple is said to be continuing the tweaking of these effects in the latest version of iOS. With iOS 7.1 the app-switcher, with Reduce Motion active, in iOS uses crossfade effects rather than the zoom and slide effects that were used previously. The parallax backgrounds are also eliminated.

In iOS 7.1, messages can also be stopped from sliding up making the entire scrolling area move as one unit. It's nice to see Apple addressing issues like these when they don't affect the majority of users of the device. Anyone out there who had motion sickness issues with previous versions of iOS, be sure and let us know if those issues are gone after the update.

SOURCE: The Guardian