iOS 6 Maps to feature built-in Yelp check-ins

Apple revealed earlier this month that it would be integrating Yelp reviews into iOS 6, but apparently that's not all. According to Bloomberg, screenshots found in the Apple developer kit indicate that Yelp's check-in feature will also be baked directly into the new iOS 6 maps app, allowing users to check-in to a location without having to leave the maps app.

Popular reviews platform Yelp has reviews for all types of businesses and is especially big on restaurant reviews. They introduced a check-in service for mobile phones back in 2010 to help local businesses build a following. Users are enticed to visit and check-in at a business in exchange for a reward, such as a discount or some other freebie.

With integration into iOS 6 maps, Yelp would have a big boost in challenging other services with a similar check-in feature, such as Foursquare and Facebook. Currently, about 18 percent of adult smartphone owners use check-ins, according to recent surveys.