iOS 6 beta 3 release inches closer to final release

Those of you out there in the land of app development should set your sights to Apple as the third beta for iOS 6 is about to hit doorsteps across the earth. This third beta update comes just 21 days after the previous release was dropped, while the first look most developers got of the software was earlier this year at Apple's developer conference WWDC. This update comes without the usual list of changes, this likely due to the secret nature of the updates included as well as the tiny nature of the bug fixes that certainly come built-in.

The previous beta of this software expires on the 31st of July, this meaning that Apple wishes for all developers to continue pushing forward as we inch closer to the final release this Autumn. The final version of iOS 6 has what Apple notes is 200 new features when compared to iOS 5, with many of these features being boosts of previous versions of apps and inner workings. Siri will be getting sports scores and restaurant information as well as movie ticket connections and times. Apple's Photo Streams will be updated for sharing, and FaceTime video chat will be available over 3G data connections.

For those of you looking for this update, you'll want to head to your development console or contact your contacts – however you go about updating usually. New users can also head over to Apple's Developer page to get more information on the iOS Developer Program – or the Mac Developer Program if you somehow came to this post looking for desktop information. Check the timeline below as well for more information on iOS 6 before it's released in full very, very soon!