iOS 6 3D maps hacked for iPhone 4 [Video]

Chris Davies - Jun 15, 2012, 5:01am CDT
iOS 6 3D maps hacked for iPhone 4 [Video]

Apple may not be officially rolling out the 3D mapping in iOS 6 to iPhone 4 users, but that hasn’t stopped hackers figuring out a way to switch on the functionality for the older smartphone. Anton Titkov has come up with 3DEnabler, Russian site iguides reports, bringing 3D buildings to iPhone 4 units running iOS 6 with the early jailbreak, though so far turn-by-turn navigation is eluding him.

Because the hack requires third-party file installation – and it’s not the sort of thing Apple would allow in the App Store – and that iOS 6, even when jailbroken, can’t access the Cydia unofficial download store, the process is a little more involved than usual. Full instructions are here, though you attempt it at your own risk.

Performance, based on Titkov’s videos, looks reasonable, though it’s worth noting that iOS 6 is still a few months away from official release and this is all based on beta software. Exactly how pleased Apple will be to see the hack is another good question; we’re guessing the answer is “not so much” and wouldn’t be surprised to see it blocked in future iterations.

As for turn-by-turn directions, another feature in the new iOS 6 Maps app (that replaces Google Maps in iOS), so far that’s not been hacked to run on older phones. Apple quietly detailed those limits earlier this week.

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6 Responses to iOS 6 3D maps hacked for iPhone 4 [Video]

  1. Sod Apple. They can whinge about “performance issues” not being up to scratch as much as they want but at he end of the day they’re doing everything they can to shove their 12 month lifespan for hardware down everyone’s throats. How many of you know anyone with the finances to buy a new smartphone every 12 months? Many people, especially here in Australia are on 24 month contracts when they get the phone as part of a contract & are in no position to cough up hundreds of dollars to upgrade to the latest hardware to get features that are purely software based & that could be implemented on the iPhone 4 very easliy. I bought my iPhone 4 a year ago after my 3Gs died completely after 19 months & only a matter of a couple of months away from the then rumoured iPhone 5 release that became the 4S. Here we are now less than a year after many people bought an iPhone 4 & we’re being told to go 7 spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware to get access to software features that are being withheld for no valid reason. Are Apple actively trying to find reasons to force people toward Android? Already their litigious attitude towards Samsung has seen people either abandon Apple for their next smartphone to go to Android or ignore Apple completely in favour of Android at a rate that has seen Android handsets become the number 1 smartphones the world over & yet Tim Crook in his infinite “wisdom” has now given every iPhone 4 & iPad 2 owner yet 1 more reason to abandon Apple the next time they upgrade. I’m already asking myself why I even bothered going on contract for an iPhone 4 after my 3Gs started falling apart mere weeks after my warranty ran out as less that 12 months into my contract my iPhone 4 is still getting the reception grip of death, my vibrate keeps cutting out, my silent switch cuts in & out frequently when it’s supposed to be off & the home button needs 4 tons of pressure per square inch to get to work (the last 2 problems I also experienced on my 3Gs). Like I need any more reasons to look to Android. Maybe the Galaxy 4 will be out when I need to upgrade. Anything has to be better than the contempt with which Apple has for their customers now.

    • Are you an idiot? YOU may have bought the iPhone 4 a year ago, but it is released in 2010, making the phone 2 years old. You are basically ranting in your whole post because a multibillion, international company doesn’t fit to your personal situation? Really now? They released it in 2010 and are giving a major upgrade after 2 years, and probably will continue to do for one more year.
      You need to be happy that Apple is gonna support a 2 year old phone (heck, they also support the 3GS which is 3 YEARS OLD!). Many Android phones are neglected by the manufacturers after a year because they are to lazy to adapt their ‘skin’ to the new update.
      There are many reasons to bash Apple (unnecessary removal of functions like 3D-maps, navigation and such, overpricing, whatsoever), but please, don’t use support as an argument because that is one subject where Apple rises high and above all other brands.

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