iOS 6 3D maps hacked for iPhone 4 [Video]

Apple may not be officially rolling out the 3D mapping in iOS 6 to iPhone 4 users, but that hasn't stopped hackers figuring out a way to switch on the functionality for the older smartphone. Anton Titkov has come up with 3DEnabler, Russian site iguides reports, bringing 3D buildings to iPhone 4 units running iOS 6 with the early jailbreak, though so far turn-by-turn navigation is eluding him.

Because the hack requires third-party file installation – and it's not the sort of thing Apple would allow in the App Store – and that iOS 6, even when jailbroken, can't access the Cydia unofficial download store, the process is a little more involved than usual. Full instructions are here, though you attempt it at your own risk.

Performance, based on Titkov's videos, looks reasonable, though it's worth noting that iOS 6 is still a few months away from official release and this is all based on beta software. Exactly how pleased Apple will be to see the hack is another good question; we're guessing the answer is "not so much" and wouldn't be surprised to see it blocked in future iterations.

As for turn-by-turn directions, another feature in the new iOS 6 Maps app (that replaces Google Maps in iOS), so far that's not been hacked to run on older phones. Apple quietly detailed those limits earlier this week.

[Thanks Den!]