iOS 5.0 this fall with Cloud services, Latitude rival and iPad 3?

Apple is readying iOS 5.0 for a fall release, a major refresh of the mobile platform and including several cloud-based services including an online "music locker" for streaming content, and a location-tracking system for friends and family. According to 


, Apple may preview iOS 5.0 at WWDC 2011 in early June, but release it later in the year alongside the iPad 3.

The music streaming service – which is expected to allow users to store their content in an online repository, and stream it to multiple iOS devices rather than rely on local storage – is likely to launch simultaneously in the fall, and be announced at Apple's traditional music-themed event. Meanwhile, the LBS service will be an Apple rival to Google Latitude. They're tipped to be two of several new cloud-based services Apple has in the works.

Meanwhile, OS X Lion – which is

expected this summer

- is likely to also include various overlapping cloud-based functionality, further bridging Apple's iOS mobile range and its Mac lines.

As for the

iPad 3

, there's no new information about the third-generation slate, but according to earlier leaks and rumors it's expected to mark the introduction of a

higher-resolution display

than the current 1024 x 768 offered by the

iPad 2