iOS 4.3 firmware lists dual-core iPhone 5 processor

Eager geeks that want to know what Apple has in store for future products will look anywhere and everywhere for evidence of coming products and the hardware those products will have. Geeks have been pouring over the iOS 4 firmware that was released this week and have found evidence of what hardware might be inside the iPhone 5.

According to the evidence the iPhone 5 will get the same dual-core A5 processor that is inside the iPad 2. A user going by @chronic found in the firmware that the A5 processor is called the S5L8940. All versions of the iPad 2 run that same processor. Another user @FilippoBiga later posted up the image you see above.

The image is a screen shot from the iPhone 5 kernelcache.release file contains references to that same processor. It's not hard to believe that Apple would want the iPad 2 and next iPhone on as much common hardware as possible. I would assume the A5 would need to run slower in the iPhone 5 to help the battery run longer considering how much larger the iPad 2 battery is. We will have to wait until Apple unveils the iPhone 5 to get the full details or until better leaks occur.

[via iClarified]