iOS 4.2 Beta Now Available to Download for Developers

While Steve Jobs was busy announcing things on stage a few weeks ago, one main focus of that update was the announcement that iOS 4.1 was just around the corner. But, there was more to the story that had people eagerly anticipating the last bit of the year. Apple's iOS 4.2, which is the first iOS 4 update compatible for Apple's iPad, brings a lot of new features to the table. For example, being able to print wirelessly (which, coincidentally enough, just went into the hands of developers, too). But, there's plenty more in store for developers right now.

We know by now that the update for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch will come out in November, officially, but the past has to repeat itself. Customary to previous software releases, Apple has made available the Beta version of iOS 4.2, so that they can update their apps, make new ones, and make changes as they see fit. The Beta isn't just for the iPad, either — you can get your dev skills on for the iPhone and iPod Touch, too.

As for the new features, like Apple's upcoming AirPrint, you'll also get Apple's multitasking available for the iPad (and already available for the iPhone and iPod Touch), as well as access to Folders. You'll also be able to utilize AirPlay, which will let you wirelessly stream music from your iPad. You'll be able to search within a webpage, right from Safari, too. So, developers (and folks who paid to have a developer title), get to downloading, and let us know what you think of the updates in the comments.

[via Apple]