iOS 15 might bid farewell to iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE

Apple is often praised for its software update practices, particularly for iOS and iPadOS. Compared to Android, even with the new three-year commitments from some manufacturers, Apple often rolls out new iOS versions even to models that are more than three years old. As they say, however, that all good things must come to an end and iOS 15 might finally be bringing the curtains down on Apple's five-year-old iPhones.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Pro launched in late 2015 and was, to some extent, Apple's refinement of its revolutionary iPhone 6. The latter drastically changed the iPhone's design, introducing the line's first large-screen models, but also brought some unfortunate consequences of those changes, like the notorious "bendgate" issue.

The 2016 iPhone SE, in contrast, was sort of a throwback to the iPhone's old design that is ironically the iPhone's new design again. It was, thankfully, started a new line of iPhones that offered affordable premium features. Apple would defend it was never about having an old-school design though the new iPhone SE 2020 coincidentally looks like the iPhone 8.

These are the two iPhone models that are going to be dropped by iOS 15, at least according to Israeli site The Verifier. This wouldn't be surprising, to be honest, since these are Apple's oldest smartphones currently still in support. It's a disappointing change for those who still hold on dearly to these phones but things could have definitely been worse.

That said, it's not yet certain how accurate this rumor is, especially since the site's track record isn't that established yet. Apple has sometimes surprised its fans by extending the life of a phone by yet another release, especially if that release holds a critical fix for a problem introduced in the previous one. The chances of that happening to the iPhone 6s and OG iPhone SE, however, are pretty slim at this point.