iOS 13 Photo and Camera apps battle Google Photos with edit expansion, Video rotation

You can now rotate a video in iOS, for the first time in the history of iOS. Your iPhone can, finally, rotate a video, in iOS 13, finally. What a world we live in – so great we get to rotate videos in the phone, like wow! Also there's a whole bunch of new features in Video and Photo editing and organization in the Photos app soon – with iOS 13, of course.

At WWDC 2019, Apple showed off a lil' bit of the ol' app updates with the Camera and the Photos apps. The Photos app now has a "Photos" tab, for easy understanding of the separation of elements as such. It would seem that Apple's finally reacting to Google Photos – with machine learning and the automatic organization of photos in many new ways.

The camera app update will have a few new Portrait Lighting effects. You'll be able to blast light in the face of your friend, or create a situation in which it appears as though you're taking a professional shot. Or a shot closer to that of a professional, anyway.

Apple's iOS 13 experience will include adjustments that were never available from Apple-made apps before. Noise Reduction, Saturation, Color, Brightness, Temperature, and etcetera are in play right out the gate. Filters galore, too – look at all the filters you'll be able to use.

Have a peak at the gallery above for more views on features that'll be arriving in the Photos and Camera app soon. Users will need to have iOS 13 loaded to their iPhone or iPad to get these features, and not every feature will work with every device – it really depends on which processor you've got and which cameras are in play. We'll have a full list of what device gets which features soon!