iOS 12 beta bug badgers testers to install a non-existent update

JC Torres - Aug 30, 2018, 11:27 pm CDT
iOS 12 beta bug badgers testers to install a non-existent update

The iOS 12 launch is less than two weeks away. Naturally, everyone is on a rush to prepare for the big event and fans are excited to finally have their chance to get the latest mobile platform on their devices. No one, however, is probably more excited than iOS itself. iOS 12 beta testers are reporting that the system is repeatedly telling them to update their beta version to a new iOS version. Except, as mentioned, iOS 12 is still two weeks away.

It might sound comical but it’s turning out to be an infuriating problem for the brave souls who took pains to help ensure the quality of the final iOS 12 release. Now every time they unlock their screen, they are welcomed by a notification that they have to dismiss every time before they can even use their device.

Of course, it’s a bug. According to 9to5mac’s Guilherme Rambo, there is something terribly wrong with Springboard, iOS’ home screen manager. It has a function to calculate whether a current iOS build is about to expire, popping the notification to remind users. Unfortunately, the problem is that that iOS 12 isn’t about to expire and there’s no version they can update to anyway.

The only recourse beta testers have for now is to dismiss the notification. Each and every time they unlock the screen. Which, for anyone who does that dozens of times each day, can be exasperating. Hopefully, Apple will push an actual existing update ASAP to silence that notification. At least until September 12.

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