Ionic-cooling system may soon cool off notebooks

Brenda Barron - May 21, 2009, 5:46pm CDT
Ionic-cooling system may soon cool off notebooks

Well this is pretty cool! It seems a company called Tessera is working on a new system that uses ionic-cooling for cooling down hot laptops that are running at faster and faster speeds. This new cooling idea might be able to offer 30% more cooling than a standard fan according to Tessera and the University of Washington.

The added bonus is it uses half the power. And with no moving parts, there’s less likelihood of breakdown and noise. During the demonstration of this new technology, the cooler was put by a vent in a notebook. Then, pipes that are filled with liquid pull the heat away from the chipset and move it to the ionic system.

The system contains two electrodes, one with ionizing air molecules, the other with a receiver for the molecules. As these ions move from one spot to the other, this causes neutral air to move across hot areas, making for cooling. This is still a ways off from being included in your next notebook, but it’s an interesting technology that we might see as soon as next year.

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