Ion Twin Video records the scenery and you enjoying the scenery at the same time

There are gobs of small handheld video cameras on the market today. Most of them are designed to be cheap devices that let people have a video camera on them at all times for recording those little moments in life that make things worthwhile. You know the type of moments I mean, like when your friend crushes his Doritos trying to do skateboard tricks.

The cool part about the Ion Twin Video camera is that while your pal is rolling around on the ground (in tears) and you are laughing so hard you are crying the Twin Video dual-lens handheld camera can record you and him at the same time. The little camera also has dual mics for stereo sound and has live editing features.

The live editing features include picture swap, split screen, and PIP functionality. The camera records to SD or SDHC memory cards and connects via USB to Mac or PC systems for uploading and editing video. The camera will ship in Q2 2010 at an undisclosed price. There is no mention of the video resolution; I am betting it's not an HD camera.