Ion Audio LP-to-Audio converter

Do you have an iPod? Do you have a large collection of vinyl? Do you have a strong desire to combine the two by making your iPod play records? Too bad, but you can easily rip your vinyl tracks to your iPod for easy listening.

The only issue would come when you tried skipping tracks. With this latest turntable you can connect it to your PC and rip the records to it, thus allowing you to edit out all the hisses, pops, scratches, and making it possible to divide it up into separate tracks.

Or if you are in a hurry, there is an iPod dock right on the turntable, so dock that, put your favorite record on and start playing and it will record it to your iPod. Looks like its on sale now and is going for about $260.

Ion makes it even easier to rip your tunes to your iPod [via coolest-gadgets]