IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station trades one USB-C port for ten

Laptops are, mostly, designed to be portable, even when they can weigh a ton. But there will come a time, or times, when you'll wish you had more than just your single screen, keyboard, and touchpad on your desk. Sure, you can plug in all types of cables and peripherals, but that can be unwieldy quite quickly. And when you have a sole USB-C port like the new MacBook, you're practically out of luck. Not unless you have this new IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station that will make you forget your laptop isn't a desktop workstation.

IOGEAR's new station takes full advantage of the fact that a single USB-C can be anything and everything as far as connections go, from delivering power in either direction, video and audio output, to plain data transfer. That's why, for the price of that single USB-C port, the dock gives you ten others that will let you attach almost any accessory or data storage to your laptop.

• DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST)

• Three (3) USB 3.0 ports

• Two (2) USB-C ports

• Gigabit Ethernet port

• HDMI out

• Mic

• Headphones

And some of those ports are quite special, too.

For example, DisplayPort MST allows you to connect multiple displays, even if you only have one port on the station, by daisy-chaining compatible monitors together. One of the USB 3.0, actually 3.1, ports has Fast Charging, perfect for boosting smartphones and tablets, which is why it is so conveniently placed at the front. And the USB-C port you use to connect to your laptop supports USB Power Delivery 2.0 so your laptop charges even while you are connected to the dock.


IOGEAR GUD3C01 USB-C Docking Station

is now available for purchase for $249.95. It might seem pricey for a docking station, but considering everything it can do, it might as well be a steal.