Invisible hearing aid, well almost!

Well, almost. A company called Oticon (which specializes in solutions for the hard of hearing, and with people who are starting to lose their hearing), has launched the Delta, a new line of hearing aids that are almost invisible. A thin circular pad (a few milimeters in diamter) is attached to the inside of your ear, while another slim section (where the battery is stored), is place behind your ear.

The new Delta from Oticon eliminates the eyesore that many people have to endure. You will no longer need your bulky orange hearing aids that cover your whole inside ear and has a big battery behind your ear. The Delta comes in 17 colours including Charcoal Grey, Champagne Beige, and Cabernet Red.

On Oticon's website, the aid is broken up into three parts: The amplifier (also contains battery), the thin sound wire (it is visible, although it looks like a strand of hair), and the speaker/dome, which is the "circular pad" discussed above. Videos, demos, colours and tons of resources are available at Oticon's site.

Oticon Delta [Via: Oticon]