Interpret reports Nintendo 3DS has a fight on its hands for gamers dollars

There are many gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS. Some may think with the popularity of the DS on the market today that the 3DS is a sure fire winner for Nintendo. According to research firm Interpret, the 3DS has a tough fight on its hands to win the dollars of gamers around the country and the world.

The 3DS has a lot of competition coming with the likes of the Sony NGP, Xperia Play phone and hoards of Android devices coming to market that will run the PlayStation Suite for gaming. According to data offered by Interpret, 79% of the gamers that say they intend to purchase the 3DS already own a handheld gaming device including offerings from Sony, Nintendo, and Apple.

The firm says that the 3DS needs to differentiate in order to make it in the market. The 3DS will also see competition from the iPad 2. "Though the Nintendo 3DS distinguishes itself from the competitive set with its unique 3D entertainment features, it faces the challenge of entering an oversaturated market and overcrowded consumer pockets," said Michael Cai, Interpret's VP of Games & Technology. "Nintendo succeeded with its Blue Ocean strategy for the Wii, but in the portable and mobile gaming market, the water is deeper and muddier."