Internet of Things group Thread releases protocol specifications, now features Qualcomm

The Thread Group, the consortium founded by Nest, Samsung, ARM, Silicon Labs and more, has announced that Thread, its wireless networking protocol for smart homes, has released specifications that allow developers to build Internet of Things (IoT) devices compliant with their systems. In addition, Qualcomm, makers of widely used mobile chips, has joined Thread Group as a member of the board. Qualcomm, and others who are members of Thread Group, will be among those able to take advantage of the Thread protocols.

In order for an ecosystem of smart home devices to communicate with one another, they need networking protocols like Thread. Thread aims to be different from WiFi, which uses a lot of power due to how much data it sends back and forth, by using minimal power with small amounts of data.

The other part that make Thread unique is that it also supports IPv6, meaning the network can directly communicate with the internet without the need of central hubs or devices like smartphones. This mesh network can also stay online in the event the hub crashes.

Qualcomm's joining the board makes sense as the company has recently joined a number of initiatives that indicate it is betting heavily on the IoT as the future of its business. As for its support of Thread itself, a Qualcomm representative commented that the collaboration "allows for the integration of this technology into the world's leading brands of household appliances, and to thereby speed innovation and market transformation."

SOURCE Thread Group