“Internet Minute” snapshots show how the Web has grown in a year

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 26, 2013, 8:06pm CST
“Internet Minute” snapshots show how the Web has grown in a year

The Internet grows in leaps and bounds, something various statistics have shown in a variety of ways. Percentages are one way to show this, as very large numbers can be hard to digest, but something being called an “Internet Minute” has provided an interesting perspective on the growth, comparing numbers taken from a single minute last year from six big Internet companies with numbers taken from the same companies this year.

Some of the numbers come from GP Bullhound, a boutique bank, while others come from Intel and the folks over at Quartz, which lists numbers from a 60-second span of time from 2012 and compares them to numbers from this year. Facebook, in that single minute last year, had 208,000 photos uploaded, while Twitter had 100,000 tweets posted, YouTube had 30 hours of video uploaded, Google had 2 million searches, LinkedIn had 100 new accounts registered, and Amazon made $83,000 in revenue.

This year, these companies all saw growth during the same 60-second snapshot, with Facebook growing to 243,000 photos uploaded, Twitter reaching 350,000 tweets, YouTube hitting 100 hours of video, LinkedIn reaching 120 new accounts, Google reaching 3.5 million searches, and Amazon’s revenue in that single minute growing to $118,000 USD.

Based on these numbers, then, Twitter looks like it has had the best year, having its tweet numbers grow by 250%. Facebook falls on the other end of the spectrum, seeing photo uploads increase by 16%. The rest of the companies fall between, with Google and Amazon holding the middle ground at 75- and 42-percent, respectively. As more people come online, adopt smartphones, and upgrade their broadband speeds, these numbers will likely continue to grow.

SOURCE: Quartz

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