Internet Explorer IQ research a hoax

A report which suggested Internet Explorer users had a lower IQ than those relying on other browsers has been shown to be bogus, using a freshly set-up site and staff images copied from another company. The data, which faux-firm ApTiquant claimed had been gathered from 100,000 web users and included IQ testing and software surveys, has in fact apparently been fabricated, the BBC reports.

Suspicions were raised after it was noted that the ApTiquant site had only been up and running for a month, though the company claimed to have been established in 2006. Further investigation showed that the site had copied all of its staff profile photos from a French business, research firm Central Test, which has denied any knowledge of the hoax.

"With just a look at the graphs in the report, it comes out pretty clear that Internet Explorer users scored lower than average on the IQ tests. Chrome, Firefox and Safari users had just a teeny bit higher than average IQ scores. And users of Camino, Opera and IE with Chrome Frame had exceptionally higher IQ levels" ApTiquant

"I believe these figures are implausibly low – and an insult to IE users" Cambridge University stats professor David Spiegelhalter told the BBC, though security researchers failed to find any phishing or malware payload in any of ApTiquant's content. No record of the "psychometric consulting company" exists at the address the URL is registered to.