Internet Explorer 10 gaining ground after releasing on Windows 7

Ever since officially releasing on Windows 7 back in February, Internet Explorer 10 has been slowly chipping away at previous versions of Microsoft's web browser. Internet Explorer 10 gained 1.35 percentage points in March, thanks to the release of the browser on Windows 7 in late February. IE10 is now at 2.93% market share out of all web browsers, with IE collectively bringing in almost 56% of the market share.

As for Internet Explorer 9 and previous version like IE8 and IE7, all three took a slight hit, according to statistics from Net Applications. IE9 dropped 1.05 percentage points, falling to 20.62% and IE8 lost 0.15%, standing at 23.23% — it's currently the world's most popular browser, however. IE7 took a hit of 0.08% to 1.93%, and IE6 fell 0.12% to 6.21%. Yes, more people are using IE6 than IE10 and IE7 combined.

As for Internet Explorer's competition, both Firefox and Chrome gained a bit of market share during the past quarter. Firefox grew to 20.21%, while Chrome is now at 16.45%. Chrome took some hits throughout the past several months, but it's slowly starting to recover. It may not pass Firefox this year, but it certainly wouldn't be out of the question.

As for other browsers, Safari is sitting at 5.31%, while Opera owns 1.74% of the browser market share. It's not expected for these two browsers to make much ground any time soon, as IE, Firefox, and Chrome are currently way out in front, with IE owning a tremendous lead over Firefox and Chrome, which probably won't go away for the foreseeable future.

[via The Next Web]