Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 now available

Back in October last year, we heard for the first time that Internet Explorer 10 would be making its way to Windows 7, and right on schedule the release preview became available to users in mid-November. Finally, though, Microsoft has quietly rolled out the final version of Internet Explorer 10 to Windows 7 users today.

The new web browser is available now for users running Windows 7, and it's available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. However, you must have Service Pack 1 installed before you can dig deep into Internet Explorer 10, but most Windows 7 users most likely have that taken care of already. The auto-update process will happen over the next few weeks.

Internet Explorer 10 features a handful of improvements, including better JavaScript performance and apparently improved battery life for laptop users. There's also integrated spell checking and auto-correct functions, as well as support for more web standards like the new CSS3. Overall, a bump from version 9 to 10 should give the boost that users have been wanting.

Other than that, Internet Explorer 10 looks to be about the same design-wise as Internet Explorer 9. Of course, you don't get the fancy Windows 8 version with full-screen browsing and a metro-style interface, but we can't really see anything to complain about at this point. If you're an avid IE user, you'll certainly appreciate this update.