Internet Cookies Get Five Year Death Sentence

Internet tracking cookies may soon see their demise, at least according to Paul Cimino, the Vice President and General Manager at Brilig Digital Data Solutions, a company that looks through 1st and 3rd party data to leverage for marketing campaigns. He says that the internet cookie has "5 years at most" to live before its killed off. He continues to say that the internet cookie is flawed, invasive, and has privacy issues. There are many that agree with Cimino's statement.

Cimino believes that there will be a new "value proposition" that will replace internet tracking cookies once they're killed off. He says that the new proposition will allow users to opt into the personalization of their ads and searches. He describes this as "tailor don't target" advertisements, and it will be more welcomed by consumers compared to the invasive ads brought on currently by tracking cookies.

One reason that Cimino believes internet cookies is dying is because many people are beginning to use machines that are "non-cookieable". These devices include smartphones and tablets, which account for 35% to 40% of overall data traffic received by Brilig. Because the number of tracking cookies is being reduced drastically, companies have to find new ways of identifying users and their data.

However, Cimino says that cookies aren't the only way to identify people. He says even if consumers use a non-cookieable device like the iPhone or an Android device, he can still see the device's IP address as well as part of their user agent. He can use that information to identify the person behind the phone, which he can then use with his 10 different matching agents to use for marketing campaigns. He says,

"With these 10 matching agents we've built a cooperative of matching, because most of the matching that you see out there is a single-circuit. It's "A' matching agent and "A" campaign and "A" advertiser.

While you will still see ads after the supposed demise of the internet cookie, at least they will be more targeted and more relevant to your preferences. Hopefully these new "value propositions" that Cimino talks about will be more secure and private compared to internet cookies. How do you feel about internet cookies coming to an end?

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