Intercontinental H-57 missile flash drive carries data payloads

Flash drives are a dime a dozen today and the things are more commodity than anything. All flash drives are basically the same with the only difference being the capacity, software included, and the style of the drive. There are lots of geeks out there that will pay a premium to get a flash drive that has odd style to it. There is no shortage of novelty flash drives and the latest novelty drive is the H-57 missile drive.

The drive is the intercontinental Ballistic Design Missile allowing it to be called an ICDM sounding close enough to ICBM to keep the design working. Obviously, the design of this missile is the draw. The packaging doesn't even appear to say how much storage is actually inside.

The nose cone comes off to reveal the USB connector. The downside I see is that if you use a thin notebook the fins may keep the drive from plugging in and sitting flat. It's cool though and I would bet it has a small amount of storage. It doesn't appear to be available for purchase at this time.

[via Technabob]