InteraXon Demonstrates Controlling an iPad with Your Thoughts [Video]

There's been gadgets in the past, that have allowed for an object to be controlled with our "thoughts," thanks to a certain type of headband that we put on. And this new idea from InteraXon isn't the first we've seen in the "mind-control" department for iOS-based devices. But, this isn't the Canadian-based company's first foray into the idea of thought-based actions making our every day usage of devices all that better, either. They first showed off their in-flight entertainment system, controlled merely by thought, last year. And now they're setting their sites on the iPad.

InteraXon took some time at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to show off their latest concept design. The idea is that, by connecting a simple headband/headset to a person's cranium, they'll be able to control applications, and games, on their iPhone and iPad. The headset is a customized EEG headband, and the game that's being shown off is a customized version of Zen Bound 2. The underlying "thought-controlling framework" makes it possible for someone to use their brainwaves to control the game.

Like 3D in its current state, to really use the technology we'll need to be wearing an accessory that, over time or in the process of doing something else, may not be the best bet. However, if you're someone who's been waiting to control things with their mind, this is the way to do it. Unfortunately, InteraXon's idea is just a concept right now, but the company hopes to have it out to the masses before too long.

[via MacStories]