Intel's Netbook Goes Bye Bye - Now Called SmartBook

Actually Intel is referring to the whole line of these notebooks as Netbooks, so technically it's not totally gone. But, the notebook isn't actually being manufactured by Intel so they are letting all the manufacturers of this platform of notebooks choose their own name for theirs.

Right now there is a manufacturer in Malaysia, they are calling theirs the SmartBook. There will be two different models, both with Intel Celeron processors, a half gig of RAM, and b/g WIFI.

They'll also have water resistant keyboards and they'll run Linux. The differences will be in the display and HDD with the 7-inch 40GB version going for $377 and the 9-inch 2GB SSD version will be $409. Windows XP is an option on both notebooks for an extra $31.

[via EeeSite]