Intel's 5GHz 28-core demo neglected one key detail

During Computex 2018, Intel demonstrated a 5GHz 28-core processor for workstations, but it failed to mention one important thing: the processor was overclocked. The demonstration, to those watching, appeared to show the offering operating with its stock speed, but that's not the case. Instead, Intel used an extreme setup with a water chiller to keep it from overheating.

Intel confirmed the "accidental" overclocking demonstration to Tom's Hardware, which reports that it spoke with a company representative on Wednesday. According to comments from the rep, the report states that Intel "forgot" to tell those at Computex that the demonstration showed performance beyond what they'd get from an ordinary desktop with the processor.

The overlooked detail was the result of "the excitement of the moment," the company representative explained. That's disappointing news for gamers and others who expected performance beyond what they'll actually get, at least in the absence of a similar extreme setup. According to the report, Intel was cooling its overclocked system using an industrial water chiller.

The report goes on to claim that Intel's Computex demonstration system included a 1300W power supply and a peak 1000W one-horsepower water chiller, putting it well beyond the reach of ordinary consumers. Intel has since clarified that the upcoming workstation processor isn't targeted at gamers.

A price for the 28-core processor hasn't been revealed, but the company did say that it anticipates bringing it to market in the fourth quarter of this year. Though the model — series yet unknown — will no doubt be a nice option for workstations, anyone who watched the Computex demonstration should be mindful about the real-world experience they'll get from the hardware.

SOURCE: Tom's Hardware