IntelliScanner creates your own database of films and books

I like to watch movies and read books, at least I used to before I had kids and didn't have time to do anything but clean up messes and fetch snacks. I still have gobs of movies and books stuffed in boxes and under the bed, in fact, I don't really even know what I have anymore. If you are the same way and want to organize your collection of books and movies the IntelliScanner Classic may help.

The scanner doesn't organize as in make it easy for you to put your hands on the actual book or movie. What it does is allow you to scan the barcode from the movie or book and then the scanner sends that data to a computer program.

Once the data is in the program, the app automatically pulls title, creator, cover art, and more data to attach to your collection. You can then peruse your own database of films and at least know what titles you have available, even if you still have to dig through boxes to find it. The scanner sells for $99 or for $79 to students and teachers.